One Photo A Day | Day 56 | Row Of Trees

One photo a day challenge: Day 56.

A lot of my winter photography has centered around trees. I am not sure exactly what it is that draws me to trees.

Is it the contrast between the straight lines of tree trunks and the random sprouting twists and turns of their branches?

Is it the wide variety of textures that can be found across different tree trunks or within the tree trunk of one tree?

The vertical lines across the horizontal ground?

Is it the difference between brightly illuminated trees and the shadows they cast on the ground? Especially as seen in this photo with the snow?

Or is it all of those things? Or some combination of those things that present across different images?

Trees. Upstate, NY.

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One Comment on “One Photo A Day | Day 56 | Row Of Trees

  1. Very nice. I love winter trees too. Something about the shapes and bare branches.

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