One Photo A Day | Day 39 | Purple Orchid

One photo a day challenge: Day 39.

Sometimes I am actually thinking about what I am going to photograph for this project in advance.

I really enjoy photographing flowers. Working with macro flower photography fits well into this challenge. So when we were recently out running errands, I made sure to pick up a flower to photograph while we were at the store.

Macro flower photography allows me to stay inside on cold days and and create photography. I can photograph houseplants and have opportunities to photograph subjects that won’t be available to me for at least a fe wmore months.

Purple Orchid Close Up.

Macro flower photography allows me to explore and create different types of photographs with the flowers. I can focus on different component parts of the flower. I can exclude or include specific parts of the flower within the frame. Then within that frame I can selectively focus on a tiny slice of the subject.

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