One Photo A Day | Day 40 | Notebooks

One photo a day challenge: Day 40.

Today was one of those days I really didn’t know what I was going to photograph for my challenge. I wanted to photograph something from my office. The question is what?

I felt kind of stuck today. I was looking around my office. The same things kept coming to mind.

Looking at similar items that I have photographed before wasn’t helping me. I could photograph the same or similar things, but I needed to think of a new or different way to do it. Creating different photographs is the key.

Taking multiple items and combining them in a way to make a composition for a photo seemed like a good idea.

Notebook Pile

Stack of Notebooks.

I love books. I love the idea of books more than actually reading them I think. My shelves are often full of books of various types.

Over the years I have thought that I would use notebooks for various reasons. I have journals, sketchbooks, and lined notebooks. Leather-bound or spiral-bound. Fancy or plain. Used and unused.

I never quite seem to be able to put these notebooks to much use. Some I have used for brief periods others remain completely empty. Periodically I find a new one I like or get a spark of an idea for using one again. Then I pick up another one to place on my shelf.

Today I thought, “What if I took all these different books and combined them into a stack and try to photograph them together as a collection of potential?”

I took a series of 200 photos. Some photos show the entire stack. Other photos focus on a few of the books together. And there are photos that isolate one book in the stack.

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