One Photo A Day | Day 38 | Clouds At Sunset

One photo a day challenge: Day 38.

Most of the day today it was gloomy and overcast. There wasn’t any significant sunlight throughout the day.

As evening arrived the cloud cleared and the sun was shining through. I began thinking about what I wanted to photograph today. There were a few different options that I was thinking about.

Two of the possible subjects could wait to be photographed another day. However, if we were fortunate enough to have a nice sunset that would have to be photographed now.

We have not had many days where there was much available sunlight. If there was a chance that I could see a beautiful sunset tonight then that would be my primary objective. Other subjects could wait.


Sunset sky over trees.

Once it was late enough in the evening that the sun would be setting soon and the sun was still shining in the sky I set to watch.

I paced from window to window. I watched as the sun progressed towards the horizon. There weren’t many clouds in the sky to create a nice sunset at first.

Watching through the windows I waited. Waited and watched as the few clouds in the sky moved. The sun sank lower.

Light began to glisten off cloudscapes in the sky. I watched and as the sky shifted and colors changed I poppe3d out the door to take a few photos in one direction. Then I stepped out a different door to photograph a different section of the sky.

I kept watching and changing views. Changing perspective and angles and portions of the sky to photograph. It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset, but watching the subtle changes in the clouds and light as the sun set and trying to capture it was enjoyable.

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