One Photo A Day | Day 37 | Ice, Snow, And Shadows

One photo a day challenge: Day 37.

Today I was able to get to one of my favorite state parks for a quick photo session. We had to be out in the Ithaca area so I wanted to swing by Taughannock Falls State Park to capture some images.

This state park is known for its amazing waterfall. But, I wanted to capture and image that shows off other points of interest. In addition to featuring a waterfall this state park is also situated on Cayuga Lake.

I wanted to create an image today that featured the lake water.

Frozen water at the park.

I was surprised that even with all the snow we have received in our region recently there were parts of the park not covered in snow. One area that was still quintessentially wintery was the boat launch area and piers.

The lake itself along the parks shore was not frozen at all. However, probably due to lack of water movement in marina area the water there had significant portions frozen over.

I really liked this section along the shore of the marina. Water and snow with goose prints at the bottom of the photo near the shore and then as you move to the top of the photo the water is frozen. The contrast of the tree shadows and sunlight reflecting off the ice creates interesting texture and patterns in the image.

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