One Photo A Day | Day 32 | Snowy Tree Stump

One photo a day challenge: Day 32.

One of the biggest challenges about being a part time photographer, especially one whose commute cuts 2 extra hours out of the day every day, is that it is really challenging to create photography that is time sensitive. This is especially true if the event or subject is something that is spontaneous and cannot be planned for or scheduled. Such as a snow storm.

Thankfully, my office recently began a phase in of telecommuting. I was able to work from home today during this snow storm. Then I had time to shovel. And I was still able to get out and take photos before it was dark. And that is saying something with the decreased daylight hours of winter.

I rarely get the opportunity to actually get out and take photographs of the surrounding scenery during or immediately after a snow storm. I love the look of trees and branches, and logs and leaves covered in snow. The fresh snow clinging to the landscape is the quintessential winter scene.

Today I went out and explored a little bit of our woods. I concentrated on photographing the woodland objects covered in snow.

Hollow tree stump ringed with snow. Upstate, New York.

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