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I’ve been wanting to do more evening and sunset photography.

Recently I headed to Tanglewood Nature Center to see if I could capture some sunset and evening images.

Tanglewood Sunset. ISO 200. f 9.0. 6 second exposure. Taken with Nikon D300s and Tamron 18-200 mm lens at 35 mm.

Fall evening at Tanglewood

Fall is a good time for sunset and evening photography because the leaves on the trees are changing colors and would pair nicely with a colorful sky. It is also nice that the sun sets earlier so you don’t have to stay out too late to capture a sunset.

I went to Tanglewood a little before sunset so I could capture a series of images that began before sunset and continued after sunset.

Early evening pre sunset photo at Tanglewood Nature Center

I also wanted to experiment with using a longer exposure when photographing the trees. I wanted to try and give the photographs a sense of motion even though most of the photo is static. The wind helped provide the motion as it blew through the tree branches.

You can see the leaves and branches on the tree appear blurry because they are moving during the exposure while everything else is still and crisp.

Another aspect of creating images at sunset is photographing away from where the sun is actually setting. Sometimes I think the subtle shading and colors of the sky in the east as the sun sets in the west is more appealing.

The moon and eastern sky away from the setting sun.

Run For The Hills!

Help support this magical natural area right in town. Take on the Run For The Hills challenge or donate. Help make Ben Amsler run as many miles as we can. It would be great for him to run 100 miles. So far the donations are going to have him running 2.5 laps or 7.5 miles.

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