Tanglewood | Red Trail | First Attempt

I’ve been looking forward to having a reason to go out and do some hard running. The Tanglewood, Run For The Hills! event gave me just such a reason.

Red Trail

The view on my first attempt at the Red Trail.

I’ve run the red trail at Tanglewood a lot. I love it. It has all of the different kinds of terrain you’d want on a trail run.

I’ve never given the trail a good hard effort the whole way around. This was a fun and exciting new twist on my favorite routes.

I am planning to give this run a few attempts and see how good I can get at it.

Attempt #1

Watch the trail fly by along the Red Trail

I started off this run at a moderate pace. There is a little climbing to do in the middle and one big climb at the end. The plan was to save energy for the climbing.

Turned out I didn’t have as much energy as I thought I would for the final long climb.

Next time I will try to run harder before I get to the final climb and just try to hang on from there.

100 Miles at Tanglewood

Donate to Tanglewood to support there work and contribute to Ben’s Long Run where he will run 1 loop of the red trail for every $500 donated up to 100 miles. Lets make him run 100 miles. Donate today.

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