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Tanglewood Nature Center is one of my favorite places to get out and experience nature.
I first ran the trails there when my brother, a few friends and I decided to take on a mud run.
I ran my first ever trail race on the trails of Tanglewood.
That was the first step to developing the passion for trail running I share with so many now.

Over the years, as I have been involved in more trail events, I have always thought that the Red Trail at Tanglewood would be the perfect venue for a race of some sort.
I have mentioned it on and off to fellow nature lovers and fellow runners. Hoping to maybe just speak it into existence.
There are so many different possibilities open to race ideas on the Red Trail.
I am really excited to go run the Tanglewood: Run For The Hills! and just try to put down one lap around that loop as fast as I can.Support:

What Ben Amsler is planning is right along the lines of something I have envisioned for this trail in my own mind. It has the potential to be as amazing and inspiring as the supporters of Tanglewood choose to make it. For every $500 donated to Tanglewood during the month of November, Ben will run one loop of the Red Trail. Let make sure he runs at least an ultra marathon, but even better let’s make him run 100 miles.
If Ben raises $16,500 for Tanglewood he will run 100 miles.
My plan is to be on the trails with him as he runs capturing photography and video of his run to share with all those who have supported this initiative. The more support this venture receives the more interesting the content will be.

Fields and Sky at Tanglewood Nature Center

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