Brynn Loves Her Jolly Ball

After not really caring for the Jolly all dog toy we bought for a long time. Brynn has finally come around and embraced it. It has become her favorite toy lately. She often caries the largish ball around the house with her. This looks both goofy and adorable as the ball is about about as large as her head. Brynn is a dog who is a chewer so it is very important that we find toys she can chew. It is also good if these toys are not easily destroyed. We have not found many of these types of toys. But so far the Jolly Ball is proving to be one such toy. Today Brynn just sat up on the couch chewing her toy. So I took the opportunity to take some photos and videos with my iPhone. This is a time lapse video of her and her favorite toy.

We first met Brynn back in March of 2014 at the Chemung County SPCA. Back then her name was Zoey. My wife who worked there at the time fell in love with her. We adopted her shortly thereafter. Help support my project featuring photographs of shelter dogs showcased at a museum so we can spread the word of shelter dogs in our area and help make more wonderful connections like ours a reality. Click the link to learn more about my project and support and share it: http://igg.me/at/ShelterDogsattheMuseum/x/13239346

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