Across The Dog Walk | Belgian Tervuren | New York

I always enjoy how many people gather around to watch the agility dogs show their stuff. You can see all the spectators in the background of the photo.

I often shoot close up shots of the dogs during agility so I see in detail the dogs reactions to the agility course.

In this photo of the Belgian Tervuren I set it up so there is a nice scenic background showing off the beautiful sate park where the dog show takes place.

The spectators are enjoying the show. And the volunteer ready to help out along the side.

Then there is the star of the show. The Belgian Tervuren crossing the dog walk obstacle.

This wider angle shot shows the whole long span of the dog walk, From the back end the Belgian Tervuren climbs up and over the top and down the ramp in the front.

It was a great placement of the obstacle for this photograph. I could not have planned it better.

Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8. Focal length 86mm. ISO 400. 1/8000 sec. f/2.8.

Belgian Tervuren

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