Old Loggers Path | Sharp Top | Pennsylvania

I love doing new things. I take my passions and direct them at something new and off we go.

Exploring new places and seeing new things out in nature revitalizes me. My photography provides me a guide to doing that. Having goals and objectives in my photography inspires me to go places I probably would not have gone otherwise.

Old Loggers Path

When the opportunity to photograph the Sharp Top 25k/50k arose I was excited about taking on another new challenge. Photography is an always shifting art form. This is especially true with any photography taking place outdoors. Every race I photograph is different and present different opportunities and challenges. And it is even more true for trail races.

Old Loggers Path

I really wanted to get out and explore the landscape where this race would be taking place. Get a sense of good spots for photographs. See what challenges the terrain would present. Explore as much as I could in one visit and see a little bit of everything that would be surrounding me during the Sharp Top 25k/50k.

The Sharp Top 25k/50k follows the Old Loggers Path. My plan for this exploration was to check out as many of the intersections of the trail as I could where I could access them by car. And I was not disappointed in all the beautiful sights I was able to see.

I am looking forward to getting out for more exploration in the future as I prepare to photograph the race.

Old Loggers Path
Old Loggers Path
Sharp Top

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