Found At The State Park | Dragonfly | New York

I photographed this Dragonfly at Watkins Glen State Park.

If you know anything about Watkins Glen State Park a Dragonfly is not what most people are phjotgoraphing when they are there.

Watkins Glen State Park is most known for its amazing gorge filled with beautiful waterfalls. Just google it, or better yet type in my archive search and you will likely see some photos of it.

This is a link to one of my favorite photos from Watkins Glen State Park that I have captured.

Ok. Back on topic.

To be fair. I live close to this beautiful state park and can go there just about anytime I want.

That allows me more freedom to expand the scope of my photography there.

But just in general be open to photographing subjects other than what a given location is known for when you arrive on scene to create some photographs.

I love how washed out this background is. It really helps the Dragonfly stand out in the photo.

This contrast between the subject and the background is even more important because this is not a colorful Dragonfly as some are.

Photo details: Nikon D300. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/800 sec. f/5.6.


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