Gathered On The Pond | American Coot | New York

The American Coot is such an interesting bird.

American Coots are a duck like bird and are often seen with ducks, but they are not ducks.

The body of an American Coot is mostly dark gray colored with a black head. Then there is a narow pointy white beak.

But the most interesting feature of an American Coot is their feet. It is difficult to describe. Just google it. They are pretty cool.

American Coots are often seen swimming around with or near other waterfowl like ducks.

One place I often see American Coots is on trips up to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to some birding.

I likehow this image has American Coots at multiple levels of the photo. American Coots in the foreground. The focus in the middle layer is the American Coot flapping its wings. Then the background has a few more American Coots.

Photo info: Nikon D500. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/2500 sec. f/5.6.

American Coot

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