One Photo A Day | Day 362 | Christmas Race Bib And Many More

One photo a day challenge: Day 362.

So, I have planned out most of the races I want to run for the 2022 season.

I have them all on a calendar.

Now just to register for each race as registration opens up. I am already registered for one race in March.

Today I just registered for one race that isn’t until June, but I figured I might as well register for it now so that I can.

The race I registered for is a race I have never done before. The race is called Lucifer’s Crossing and takes place at one of the amazingly beautiful state parks in our area.

Then next on the list is what will probably be one of my longest races of the year. I will be running the Finger Lakes 50’s 25k edition.

I have run the Finger Lakes 50’s three times and ended up with finishes at all three distances offered 25k, 50k, and 50 mile.

Registration for this event opens on New Years Day and fills up fast. I will have to set an alarm.

I figured that since I was registering for races it was a perfect fit to photograph some of my race bibs from various races I have run. They are all displayed on my wall.

I composed the shot to feature the cool bib from a race that is exactly the type of race I typically avoid, but decided to do this year.

Big event races with lots of people. But I had a lot of fun running the Its A Wonderful Run 5k with my wife and friends.

In the background you can also see race bibs from Finger Lakes 50s, Worlds End Ultra, Sehgahunda, Wineglass Half Marathon, Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon, And the Hyner View Challenge.

I had to use my 20mm lens to be able to get all those in one shot.

Racing Bibs

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