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One photo a day challenge: Day 361.

As fall and winter progressed her in upstate, New York I decided to move some of my potted perennial flowers indoor to try to preserve them for next spring.

The hope was to at very least preserve the plants in a dormant state over the cold months.

Then assuming they would still be alive, put them back outside in the spring for them to return to form.

I knew some of the plants were a little more hardy and would be more likely to survive in the cooler weather and the indoor environment.

I was really hoping some of these plants would even continue to flower during their time inside.

Earlier after bringing them inside I was fortunate to have one of my Gerbera Daisy plants begin to bloom again.

I photographed it to share here. And then I managed to drop something on it during my photography and break the flower off before it fully bloomed.

Now once again the same plant has started to grow a flower. I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment I decided to photograph it again and share it here.

This time I made every effort to not damage the newly forming flower blossom.

It helped that my larger board for indoor backgrounds has arrive now so it made the shoot easier.

Maybe if all goes according to plant I will have a fully bloomed flower to share at the end of this project.

Gerbera Daisy Close Up

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