One Photo A Day | Day 360 | Brown Texture

One photo a day challenge: Day 360.

Having a macro lens is great for exploring small objects.

I also love it for exploring textures.

I am not sure there are more interesting ways to explore texture than with a macro lens.

Especially if you shoot with the macro lens set at an aperture as wide open as it can be.

This really sets the focus on the subject of the image and brings out the texture even more and separates it from the background.

I find it so interesting to see the veins creating texture along the inside of the shell of a but in our woods.

The veins that I would imagine fed and grew the nut that either fed an animal or will/did create a new plant are so interesting to me.

This image is also interesting because it turned out to be almost one single color. It is all brown and only a few shades of brown.

The brownness of the photo was unintentional.

Nut Shell Macro

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