One Photo A Day | Day 355 | Frozen Along A Stream

One photo a day challenge: Day 355.

It has been below freezing most nights lately.

However, most daily high temperatures have been above freezing and even into the 40’s.

I was wondering if the cold temperatures have been enough to freeze water over night and have it remain until mid day the next morning.

I figured if ice formations were remaining until mid day at least then that would give me a good chance of being able to get there to photograph the ice.

If ice can survive the sunlight of the day time here then it should last throughout the day in places that get little or no sunlight like narrow stream valleys.

Trying to figure this out would help me decide what areas I want to try to make it out to for photography in the near future.

I was happy to see that at this small stream there was still ice along the shoreline.

And you can se the water flowing over rocks in the background.

Frozen Along A Stream

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