One Photo A Day | Day 298 | Pumpkin And Light Leaks

One photo a day challenge: Day 298.

Today was a good day to work with my photography table gain.

Instead of working with many items, today I selected one object to photogrpah.

I chose this tiny little green pumpkin with orange spots.

I shot a bunch of different angles and perspectives.

Changing up my light a little bit from time to time.

I didn’t try anything too extreme.

The goal was to get simple clear shots.

Capture solid images of the subject that just worked.

Once I had an image that worked the next step was to bring it into lightroom.

Lightroom is where I would add a little creative flair to the image.

I used a new Lightroom preset to alter the color of the image and create these interesting light leaks streaking across the image.

I think that turned out interesting, especially for a spooky Halloween type image.

Pumpkin up close

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