One Photo A Day | Day 299 | Developing New Interests

One photo a day challenge: Day 299.

It is really fascinating how new interests develop.

Slowly over time. Little by little.

Give yourself a new challenge. Grow new interests.

I never thought I would enjoy photographing, for lack of a better term, still life.

Even more so, creating these photographs in a sterile, indoor, studio like set up.

I always considered myself and outdoor nature photography in everything I did.

But with this one photo a day challenge I have embarked on I have taken more indoor photographs and used more artificial lighting than ever before.

And now I added in a decent photography table for indoor photography backgrounds.

I can’t believe how much fun I am having photographing one solitary subject against a plain white background.

Today in 16 minutes I created over 300 images.

I’m sure they are not all great. But I was able to just move things around and be creative. Try new things and experiment.

And it was nice to do these things right in the comfort of my office.

I did not expect to enjoy this so much.

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