One Photo A Day | Day 286 | Praying Mantis

One photo a day challenge: Day 286.

In photography things don’t always go to plan.

Especially in photographing any type of wildlife.

There is the simple fact that sometimes despite any planning your planned subject just doesn’t show up.

But sometimes things work out.

Today while outside mowing the lawn I saw a praying mantis.

I stopped and photographed it with my Samsung S21 Ultra.

The mantis did not seem to be in a hurry. It seemed content to stay where it was.

I made a mental note of where I saw it. Planning to go back and photograph it later with my macro lens.

Tonight after dark I went to see if I could find it.

It took a little bit of searching, but eventually I found the praying mantis pretty close to where I had found it before.

I was able to illuminate the scene and lean in close for some photos.

Praying Mantis

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