One Photo A Day | Day 283 | Accidental Sunflower

One photo a day challenge: Day 283.

When you feed birds seed at a bird feeder occasionally a bird or other critter will take a seed and drop it along the way.

That seed may end up in an unknown and unexpected location.

The seed may sprout and grow.

The seed may become a fully grown flower.

This year a seed took root in one of our plante4rs on our back porch railing.

I’ve watched it slowly grow and develop.

Wondering if it will survive to bloom.

The plant appeared to be a sunflower.

Now the sunflower is in full bloom.

I went outside tonight to photograph the bright yellow sunflower against the dark landscape background.

Then I was surprised to see this little bee crawling around on the sunflower. Collecting pollen.

It is really cool when you go out for one special little treat of photography, to photograph a flower you didn’t even expect to have.

Then there is this added special bonus unexpected treat of a bee on the flower to photograph.

A little extra special two for one bonus unexpected photography session tonight.

Sunflower and Bee

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