One Photo A Day | Day 238 | Flowers Finally Blooming

One phot a day challenge: Day 238.

When you plant something in a pot early in the year and it finally blooms!!!

To Everyone else this probably looks a lot like if not identical to the flowers I have posted before. But this is a totally new flower photo. I have posted photos of this plant previously, but it never had flowers before.

It may have had tiny little buds, but they now just started blooming.

I think I planted this Sedum back in the spring.

It is actually amazing that I managed to keep it alive this long. Especially since I had it in a pot that has no drainage. I always over or under water plants to death.

I am hoping to plant this one somewhere permanent in the yard when things start to cool down. If I am fortunate enough I will have this plant as well as several other sedum varieties I acquired this year return next summer out in various locations in the yard.

One thing about photographing the flowers on this plant that I think is cool is the flower clusters. They are cool for a couple of different reasons.

I can choose to get real close and focus on one individual blossom. Or I can pull back and focus on the cluster or even an entire stalk of the plant.

Then when zooming out to the clusters of flowers there are more options. Where to focus? Because there are numerous flower blossoms I can focus anywhere on the cluster and bring that section into focus and soften other areas.

Then I can change it up and highlight other portions. Taking different angles and points of focus creates a wide variety of photographic opportunities on just one plant.

Flowers finally blossomed

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