One Photo A Day | Day 239 | Purple Flowers By Night

One photo a day challenge: Day 239.

When you are literally taking photos every day you use up battery power. Sometimes faster than one might think.

I knew my main camera battery was going to need to be charged soon. Turns out soon meant tonight. I went outside tonight to take my daily photos. And the battery was dead.,

No problem I thought. This is why I have two camera bodies. I will just put the lens I was intending to use on my second camera body.

Not so fast there. That battery was dead too. So now I have to batteries charging.

What is next?

I wouldn’t be able to use my macro lens as I intended because both of the compatible camera batteries are temporarily out of commission with dead batteries.

The obvious choice was to turn to my Sony Alpha Mirrorless camera. I have been using it a lot. But not usually under these circumstances.

What kind of creative photos could I capture with it?

I am not sure I am particularly satisfied with any of the images from tonight. I think part of that problem is I ended up using a totally different camera set up. And I tried to shoehorn that camera and lens into the same type of photography I was going to take with a completely different set up.

Probably not the best idea. I should have tried to be more creative and take advantage of the new set up I was using. Use the new setting for what it is best at.

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