One Phot A Day | Day 237 | Sunrise Over Trees

One photo a day challenge: Day 237.

Usually my One Photo A Day posts arrive in the afternoon or evening.

When those posts include a colorful sky photo they are almost always at night. The photograph is usually of a sunset.

Well, this morning I walked outside to get something out of the car and there was a beautiful sunrise.

The sun was illuminating the puffy, light , and airy clouds. There was a nice purple hue to the sky. The clouds had a subtle shade of pink to them.

Some of the clouds with the prettiest colors were opposite the sun rising in the east.

This photo is of the trees in our yard. The colorful sky. And it included the moon hanging in the sky just above the trees.

I was not planning to take a photograph this morning. I ran back into the house to grab my camera. Then I headed back outside.

Always be ready to capture natures beauty. You never know when it will surprise us.

Sunrise: Upstate: New York

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