One Photo A Day | Day 231 | Australian Shepherd

One photo a day challenge: Day 231.

In case you haven’t noticed by my photography here, I love dogs. Dogs are the best. I absolutely love sharing my life with dogs.

Lots of people fall in love with a breed of dog. They then spend their lives living with dogs of that breed.

In our house we have fallen in love with Bernese Mountain Dogs.

But does anyone else find themselves falling in love with a breed of dog that they have never lived with. No? Just me?

I have only met and spent any actual time with one Australian Shepherd. That was when my mom had an Australian Shepherd.

I absolutely adore Australian Shepherds. They are beautiful dogs. I love their energy.

I think more than anything I have fallen in love with the concept of an Australian Shepherd. I have never sought one out as a companion to live with because I don’t know that I could give them the lifestyle they need.

Aussies are smart dogs. They are high energy dogs. And they are dogs that need to have things to do.

I’ve never felt like I had an active enough lifestyle to give an Australian Shepherd the life they deserve before. But now that I have been running so much for years, maybe the time is on the horizon.

Australian Shepherd

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