One Photo A Day | Day 209 | Tiny Caterpillar

One photo a day challenge: Day 209.

I went outside today planning to photograph some of the flowers in our garden.

After I did that for a minute I decided to check out our milkweed plants. I started photographing the seed pods that are developing.

Then I noticed out first Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar of the year.

As I kept looking for more Monarch caterpillars I noticed a beetle. Then I noticed a bunch more of a different type of caterpillar. I am not sure what they are. I have seen them before. I always think they are interesting looking.

These caterpillars are currently even smaller than the small Monarch caterpillar on the milkweed.

I am not sure this is a particularly good photograph technically. But I do think it is an interesting photograph.

The line across the middle of the frame is the edge of the leaf the caterpillars is walking on. The caterpillars head is mostly in focus. Then the body is progressively more out of focus as it moves away from the lens. And everything else is completely out of focus. There is a lot of negative space. The caterpillar is the only thing the viewer sees.

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