One Photo A Day | Day 210 | Monarch Caterpillar

One photo a day: Day 210.

I love photographing flowers.

It is a joy because the flowers are so beautiful.

There is also joy in photographing flowers because of the little surprises you can find.

There are so many opportunities to find other small parts of the natural world.

Today as I strolled through the Cornell Botanic Gardens I saw a variety of the tiny wonders we share this planet with.

There were a variety of bees. I also saw a few different types of beetles. I saw a Monarch Butterfly.

I was even fortunate enough to view this Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar up close. This was the only one I saw anywhere. The caterpillar was quite large compared to other ones I have seen. This is one of the best looks I have been able to have.

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar

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