One Photo A Day | Day 194 | Birding: Eastern Phoebe

One photo a day challenge: Day 194.

I wanted to do some photography that I haven’t been doing as much of lately.

I set out into my yard to hopefully see some birds. The birds were out there flitting about along the edges of the woods and moving across my yard.

I just needed a few to get close enough for a decent photograph. There were woodpeckers, finches, and flycatchers moving about.

I could hear the catbirds and red-winged blackbirds calling from the trees.

None of whom seemed willing to cooperate for a photograph. I used the Merlin app to ID gold finches by sound circling overhead singing a song I was unfamiliar with.

At one point this eastern phoebe made an appearance. The bird alighted on a branch close enough for a decent photograph. It did not stay long.

There appears to be a small group of them. They did not sit still long. The group of birds did not stick around long either.

They vanished from sight quickly. Off into the deeper woods.

Eastern Phoebe

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