One Photo A Day | Day 193 | Still, Still Raining

One photo a day challenge: Day 193.

I am pretty sure one thing most people can agree on is no one likes rainy days. String a bunch of those raining days together and your whole week is shot.

Rain is not a bad thing. But rain can make enjoying the day a challenge. Especially if you are the kind of person who likes to get outside and do things.

Some people are great about getting out despite the weather. But lets be real, that is not most of us.

All the rain lately here in upstate New York has been kind of a bummer. Severe thunderstorms. Parks closed because of storm damage. Flood watches.

It is probably actually good to have this much rain in the summer, which tends to be pretty dry here. But, do we need rain storms that last all day? Can’t we just have a little rain here. A little rain there?

Despite all the downers of so much rain. I am trying to make the best of it.

One thing that all the rain can greatly enhance is my photography. It doesn’t get much better than photographing flowers in the presence of what the storms have left behind. All the water droplets make for endlessly fascinating images.

Cosmo and rain drops

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