One Photo A Day | Day 145 | Fledgling

One photo a day challenge: Day 145.

Today I started teaching a cell phone photography course at 171 Cedar Arts in Corning. So my plan for photography today was to get to Corning early and sit in the park and wait to see what would happen.

I took my entire camera bag to the park to sit for an hour before I was going to go teach class. I didn’t know what I would photograph. The thinking was I would wait and see what came to me. What opportunities presented itself.

After getting to the park I found a seat on the grass at the top of some steps. Sitting in the shade. Tucked into the background. Waiting to see what would happen.

It seemed like nothing would happen. There weren’t many people at the park. No sounds other than traffic. I decided to get my telephoto lens out so I could capture images of subjects both near and far.

Nothing really struck me. No people moved into view in ways I could photograph them. Eventually some birds came bear.

I worked to photograph them without moving. The key for today was to work from my spot.

I watched as an adult American Robin was being followed around by a fledgling Robin that it was feeding. They moved around the park from trees to the ground and back and forth repeatedly.

Eventually they came close and I was able to capture this image of the fledgling as it was impatiently awaiting a meal to be presented.

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