One Photo A Day | Day 144 | Purple Wildflower Field

One photo a day challenge: Day 144.

Today I sat in a field of grass. I looked around. There were several different types of wildflowers growing in the grassy field.

I noticed that the wildflowers were growing in a particular way. Each kind of wildflower was growing almost completely separate from the other types of wildflowers.

And each type of wildflower was itself growing in clusters. There was a large section of yellow wildflowers over there. Then there were small patches of purple and yellow wildflowers here and there. And over here there were segments of purple stalky wildflowers.

I wanted to put a little different spin on my normal wildflower macro photography. My goal was to photograph these small micro environments of single types of flowers in a way that the photographs looked like there was a vast filed of these same flowers.

I thought I had an idea for how I could accomplish this. Instead of using a true macro close up on the tiny flowers showing in a larger than life size I would do something different. The thought was to pull back a little bit.

Instead of being close and focusing on just a single flower, back up and show more of the surrounding environment. Frame the photograph so it included as many different individuals of the same type of flower as I could.

Using a shallow depth of field would put all the flowers that were not the main subject out of focus. Hopefully creating the effect that these flowers were far off in the distance from the flower I was focused on.

Do you think I succeeded in creating a photograph that has the look of a large field of flowers?

Purple Wildflower Field.

Success! You're on the list.

2 Comments on “One Photo A Day | Day 144 | Purple Wildflower Field

  1. Beautiful image. I love limited dof. And the color…. Very nice.

    • Thank you. I use a lot of limited DOF in my photography. Check out my other work if you are interested.

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