One Photo A Day | Day 146 | Yellow Warbler

One photo a day challenge: Day 146.

Today I spent most of the day birding at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. I had such a fun time. So many fun bird sightings.

I took way too many photographs. I will have plenty to share with you all in the future.

I typically go to Montezuma hoping to see birds I associate mostly with wetlands, like ducks or wading birds. I especially enjoy seeing the larger birds like Great Blue Heron and Bald Eagles. While I did get to see lots of those birds. It was the unexpected things that made today a great day in nature.

Unexpectedly, it was apparently Yellow Warbler day. I have never seen so many Yellow Warblers in one trip as I did today. And they were so out in the open.

They were on the move a lot as is typical for warblers, but they kept coming right out in the open. Never before have I had so many good looks at probably any warbler.

It is nice when the birds get right out in the open. It is even better when they move right up close to you not even paying attention to you. I was able to get a whole series of photographs of this yellow warbler who just ignored me completely.

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