One Photo A Day | Day 139 | Back Yard Garter Snake

One photo a day challenge: Day 139.

Today I had no real plan for my photography. I just wanted to get outside. Wander around. Look at nature. See what looks interesting to photograph.

I didn’t know what I would be photographing. To give myself the most opportunities for creating images it made sense to use my most versatile lens. I took my 60mm f2.8 macro lens.

I started off photographing some of the foliage and flowers as it progresses throughout the spring. Then I thought to look for something entirely different.

I decided I would look for snakes. Normally we have a fair amount of snake activity in our yard and around out house. So far this year I have not spotted very many.

Over the years we have cultivated the formation of a rock pile at the edge of our woods. It makes good habitat for snakes and other wildlife. We add rocks to the pile as our dog, Brynn, digs them up from the yard.

It was not long before I saw a snake in the rocky area. This garter snake was just hanging out amongst the rocks. The garter stayed still as I carefully photographed it.

After I had created several images of the snake I left it alone. I went back to photographing the foliage around our house.

I knew that even though I had photographed many beautiful subjects the photos of the snake is where I would find an image to share.

Garter Snake

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