One Photo A Day | Day 138 | Bird On Bird

One photo a day challenge: Day 138.

Today I decided to do something a little different.

Most days I get up early before work. Usually I am getting up early sol I have time to exercise before work. Today was a day I am supposed to take off to rest.

I looked outside and saw the birds in the morning sun. Then it occurred to me that today is my rest day. I can get outside early this morning and create some photography.

The ability to work from home I am enjoying now has allowed me to do this. I spent an hour outside with the birds this morning. I was outside right up until the minute I had to sit in my home office to work.

Grateful that I made this realization today. It is sad that it took me this long to figure this out. Now I have a new way to spend my time before work on the days I am able to get myself up early.

Lately my motivation to get up early and get myself going has been waning. Hopefully adding this new aspect to my photography will help me find motivation to get up early.

Pine Siskin on Metal Bird.

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