One Photo A Day | Day 140 | Selectively Focused

One photo a day challenge: Day 140.

Today I took my macro lens with me and sat in a field. I looked around at a field of grass and selected a spot that looked like it had potential for photographs. This area had some small flowers blooming and some sticks and other random bits of nature lying about.

I sat down with my camera and a book. Alternating between reading and taking a few photos. I was waiting for the moments I would look around and see just the right light in just the right place for a photo.

Just letting time pass me by. Waiting for nature to create the opportunities for photos.

Sitting. Relaxing. Hoping. Hoping that some random natural process would make an appearance in front of me as I sat patiently and waited for it.

Would a bee fly up to a flower. Would and ant or spider climb up a blade of grass. Maybe a leaf or seed would float over on the wind.

Many of these things actually did happen. Some I even managed to create an image of. Some I tried and failed.

It was nice to sit and wait for the photos to come to me. Too often I am impatiently chasing the photos. Missing who know what because I came and went without waiting to see what would develop.

For this photo I shot up close with my aperture as wide open as I could. This allowed for a very narrow field of focus. I selectively focused on the edge of one flower petal. This put that edge in focus and threw almost everything out of focus. There is a lot of softness and color surrounding the part of the image that is in focus.

Blue on Green

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