One Photo A Day | Day 123 | Cat Tower

One photo a day challenge: Day 123.

Today I wanted to find something a little different to photograph. I was looking for something that is not the typical subject for me. I looked around my office slowly for a source of inspiration.

Then it hit me. I share my home with all these animals. And some of these animals have their own furniture. One such item of pet furniture is in my office.

I often photograph our pets. I love animals and our pets especially as subjects. But then what would it be like to photograph a household item that is associated with them and might represent them but not show them at all.

I decided to take a close up look of one element of this pet furniture. I focused on the aspect of the item that held the most interest for me. There is one thing that has texture and pattern and can stand out from the rest.

And as I am writing this I am thinking of another way I could have photographed this subject. But maybe that will be for next time.

Today I got up close with the scratching posts on the cat tower, that I still cannot believe is in my office. The cat even ran over to it and laid down in it, but I refrained from shifting to photographing the cat and stayed with my original inspiration.

Cat Tower Scratching Post

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