One Photo A Day | Day 103 | Almost Missed Sunrise

One photo a day challenge: Day 103.

I get up early every morning so that I will have time to accomplish two things before I have to go to work. Most days I want to get a workout in. And every day I also want to get into my home office and work on photography projects.

However, spending the morning in the home office can have a cost. If I am in the office I am not taking photographs. This doesn’t matter so much during the times of year when the sun isn’t even up yet. But as the seasons change and the sun rises earlier and earlier in the morning the potential downsides increase.

Early morning can present some beautiful moments to create photographs. Today I was at my desk working on uploading images when my wife woke up and said that the light outside was beautiful.

Our bedroom has windows that face east. She was waking up to a beautiful sunrise. A sunrise that I would have completely missed if she had not alerted me to it.

I was not facing any windows. I was facing a couple of computer monitors. Getting to work on a different aspect of photography. That is the biggest challenge in photography. Everything you do has trade offs.

As I talked about in my photography class today, using one camera setting over another has trade offs. Working on one aspect of photography means that there is something else that you are not working on.

I taught a photography class after work today and if it hadn’t been for this sunrise I am not sure what I would have photographed to share with you today. Because I was teaching a class, I was not taking photos. The trade off.

Sunrise. Upstate, New York.

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