One Photo A Day | Day 102 | Weather Creates The Photo

One photo a day challenge: Day 102.

The gloominess and rain continued throughout the day today. With the weather less than ideal for what I typically consider my ideal photography I wasn’t sure what I would photograph.

However, as a photographer one thing you eventually learn is weather is your friend. Weather is always your friend. You just might not see it in the moment.

It might often seem like weather is your enemy. Weather might spoil your plans. The weather might make it difficult to create the type of photography you are planning for the day.

But despite all that, weather is still your friend. Weather is your friend because different types of weather impart different conditions. And all conditions are good for some type of photography.

The current weather might not be good for the photography you hoped to be creating today, but if you adjust your plans to align with the weather you will be best friends.

The dull light from the overcast skies and the rain helped me create this photograph. The rain obviously left the water droplets on the flower. The dim light helped bring out more detail in the flower because there wasn’t any harsh glare from direct light.

The bright light can create too much contrast between the bright yellow flower and the dark green grass. It can be difficult to capture all the detail.

The storm. The clouds. The rain. They are my friend today.

Raindrops on Daffodil.

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