One Photo A Day | Day 55 | Silly Cat

One photo a day challenge: Day 55.

I find this phot so amusing. It is not the most technically sound photo. But for me it just pushes all the right buttons.

Photographing on of our cats today. She is usually pretty cooperative. Doesn’t move around too much. Pretty much stays in place.

Today after I had taken several photos she acted like she realized what I was doing. She took notice of the camera in a way that she normally does not.

She stared at the camera. I would say she made eye contact with it. Then she leaned in and rubbed her face on the camera.

Paisley’s Close Up.

Our cat Paisley has never done that before when I have been photographing her.

This image captures her as she is noticing the camera. She begins to lean in. This cenertes her mouth and nose as the focus point in the image. The shallow depth of field throws her eyes and then the rest of her head increasingly out of focus. She has created an odd angle and perspective with the camera it makes the shape of her face look just a little off. Almost cartoonish.

I couldn’t have intentionally created that image if I wanted to.

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