One Photo A Day | Day 34 | Pink Clouds

One photo a day challenge: Day 34.

Today after yet another snowstorm here in upstate, New York it was nice to see the skies clear up a little bit.

Snow storms of course lead to shoveling. I spent an our shoveling after working today.

As I was shoveling the clouds finally started to part. I don’t remember the last time I saw the sun.

It was nice to have bright skies. I took advantage of the opportunity to take a break from shoveling and take a few photos with my cell phone.

After I was done the sky was still looking nice. I could see the sun was setting. The clouds in the sky opposite the sunset were beginning to turn a beautiful shade of pink.

Pink clouds in the sky.

Photographing the sky away from the sunset has become one of my favorite types of skylines to photograph.

One I was done shoveling the driveway I ran in the house to grab my camera and rushed back outside to capture some beautiful sky and cloud photos before it was too late. I focused on contrasting the dark trees with the light sky. The clouds were moving through the sky quickly and provided many opportunities for photographs.

I loved the pink color of the clouds. The sky away from the sunset was actually more colorful than the sky where the sun was setting.

Next time you are watching the sunset, turn around and admire the sky in the opposite direction for a minute.

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