Red Trail Attempt 5 | Running | Tanglewood

I love running the Red Trail at Tanglewood. It is probably my favorite trail. I am really enjoying this challenge of running it at a fast pace. It is different than most of my runs here.

Post run trail image.

Run Number 5

This was my 5th attempt to run my fastest time on the Red Trail at Tanglewood Nature Center. My first three attempts saw me make steady gains in speed. The fourth attempt not so much.

This run felt pretty good. The only hiccup was a new tree blown down right at the beginning of the first big descent where I really needed to try to pick up time. So I had to slow down to duck under that.

Newly fallen tree across the trail on first descent.

The first mile really seems to be my sticking point. I was almost the same time for the first mile this attempt as I was on my fastest attempt. Mile two I actually managed to shave some time off.

Mile three felt pretty good too. I ran hard until I got to the climb. I started the climb running until I got to the steeper section. Power climbed the steepest part. Then I alternated between power hiking and running 10 seconds running 10 seconds hiking. When I got to the less steep sections again I increased my running time. Ten as it flattened out at the top I really pushed.

Unfortunately it just wasn’t quite enough. I was one second slower on this attempt than I was on my fastest attempt.

Red Trail. Attempt 5. Time Lapse.

I may have 1 or 2 more shots at this.


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