Run for the Hills | Tanglewood | New York

I was on social media as one is and I stumbled across a post about Run for The Hills! I was excited to see this fun event scheduled to take place at one of my favorite places. And on one of my favorite trails. Tanglewood Nature Center.

I have been hoping something would pop up specifically featuring the Red Trail at Tanglewood. It is my favorite trail there and I run it regularly.

Run the red trail. Submit your results. Help support a great local organization. Simple as that.

But wait. There’s more.

Board member and trail runner Ben Amsler is looking to turn this event into an Ultra Marathon and raise even more money for Tanglewood with your support. The more money he raises the more laps he will run. Let’s make him run a lot.

I am working with Ben to team up and make his run an even more fun an exciting event. Stay tuned for more on what we are cooking up together.

Fall Trees at Tanglewood Nature Center

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