Kenya seems to be the kind of dog that is ready for anything. She was not particularly energetic when I photographed her but you could tell she has the energy just ready to unleash it when the right activity is offered to her.

Kenya is a friendly happy dog who is ready to hop up on the seat with you and be petted or is equally content trotting around finding her own way to keep happy and busy.

Kenya_April 11, 2016_86


Kenya wasn’t interested in playing with any of the tennis balls I tried to entice her with so she might be interested in other types of toys. Maybe she is just too smart for a game of fetch. Perhaps she thinks that since I threw the ball I should go get it.

I am currently working on a project to literally display how great shelter dogs are and bring more attention to them. You can learn more about my project here: Shelter Dogs at the Museum. Please consider contributing to the campaign or sharing the project with your friends on social media.

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Great photos of dogs at the shelter help dogs find homes faster. The faster shelter staff can connect dogs with their forever homes the better for everyone. Dogs get to go home and humans get to start a life with a new best friend.

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