One Photo A Day | Day 331 | Panoramic Pond

One photo a day challenge: Day 331.

Today I went for a hike to scout out an area for future photography.

I went up to the upper portion of Watkins Glen State Park. What I’d call the roads less traveled of that park.

I run on these sections of trails a lot. And there is a beautiful spot that I love.

However, whenever I visit the park for photography I never make it to that spot.

I wanted to search it out so I knew exactly how far it would be to get there if I brought my heavier gear. Then I could return specifically to photograph that hike.

I took my mirrorless camera and mini tripod. I wanted to have the ability to capture some photos of the spot if/when I found it on todays hike.

Unfortunately, I did not find the spot I was looking for on this trip. But now I have a pretty good idea where to go next trip.

But while I was there I did stop to capture images of this pond created by a dam in the upper part of the park.

I shot a series of images and combined them for this beautiful panoramic image.

Watkins Glen State Park – Panoramic

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