One Photo A Day | Day 311 | Frost

One photo a day challenge: Day 311.

Accept the things we cannot control.

Hopefully we all had an extra hour of sleep last night.

That means that sunrise and sunset will be an hour earlier now.

What that means for me is a chance to be up early and create some photography earlier in the morning.

I am usually up pretty early. The late sunrise means I have to wait longer for sun up to go outside and create the photography I want to make.

Today The sun was coming up by the time I was done with the other work I needed to get done on my computer.

It was a cold day. Frost covered ground.

I decided to take advantage of the early morning frost to create some images I have rarely taken.

The goal was to focus on macro photography of the frost on the ground.

I bundled up and headed outside into the freezing cold weather.

Of all the perennials I have planted there is one that has proven to be pretty hardy and is still flowering in the cold.

I was really interested to see how it would look in the frosty morning.

The flower blossoms had a subtle coating of frost.

It looked pretty cool. I am not sure I captured it perfectly but it was a good first attempt.

It is supposed to warm back up a little the rest of the week so hopefully these flowers will survive until the next frost so I can try again.

Frost covered perennials

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