One Photo A Day | Day 278 | Saturated Petals

One photo a day challenge: Day 278.

I think this has been the rainiest summer into fall season I can ever remember.

It seems to rain so frequently that it is impossible to do anything that actually requires dry weather, like dry out a tent after camping.

Fortunately photography doesn’t require dry weather.

All this rain has really allowed me to explore shooting in low light.

Using artificial light.

Finding interesting angles for my camera lens.

And combining it with interesting angles of the light sources.

All to illuminate and highlight the water droplets on the petals of the flowers.

The flowers that are outside soaking up all the rain.

So much rain that the flowers that usually close up at night can’t.

The petals are so saturated with rain that the flower petals are bent over backwards instead of folding up at night.

Hopefully I created an interesting image to look at from that natural effect of all the rain.

Rain soaked petals

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