One Photo A Day | Day 258 | Paisley Don’t Care

One photo a day challenge: Day 258.

Paisley is such an easy cat to work with.

She doesn’t react to anything I am doing.

I set up my lights. Paisley sits still.

I get my camera out. Paisley does what a Paisley does.

I point camera at her face. Paisley still relaxed and calm.

Essentially Paisley does not care. Paisley Does not give a F*#&.

This is actually a great quality for her pet portraits. I can experiment and change angles and lighting.

She isn’t going to move. I don’t have to worry about her runnign away.

Paisley sits there looks at me unamused. She moves her head around just enough to give me different angles to try for portraits.

This is a photo of Paisley not caring.

Paisley: Not Caring.

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