One Photo A Day | Day 198 | Color

One photo a day challenge: Day 198.

Today was a long day with a lot of driving involved throughout the morning.

We tried to squeeze in some fun on our way home though.

We stopped at the Cornell Botanic Gardens. One of my favorite places.

Seriously, there are not many better places to go if you want to practice a wide variety of photography.

There was a lot of time spent driving in the rain. But it looked like we would get some time at the gardens without rain.

We started at the visitor center. Slowly made our way around taking in all the beautiful flowers. Then we walked down into the wildflower garden. As we were about to leave the wildflower garden and move on to the arboretum the rains found us once again.

Luckily there was a small information space with a roof where we took cover. There were even some flowers growing nearby I could photograph while we waited for the rains to abate.

Fortunately the rain did not last long. We decided to head back to the visitor center in case it started to rain again. (Closer to our car and there is a building to go into and roofing to hide under.) Rather than move on farther out into the gardens and arboretum and out into the open, lest we get caught in the rain.

Spoiler alert, it did rain again. And we got rained on. But it was light and we were hot and by that point it was almost a relief.

Didn’t get to spend as long as I would have liked wandering around, but still was able to see beautiful plants. If you have not been there I highly recommend it.

I love all the colors represented in this photo.

Coneflower colors

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