One Photo A Day | Day 168 | Roaring Brook Falls

One photo a day challenge: Day 168.

Today we spent the day chasing waterfalls.

We sought out waterfalls that were close the the road and had easy access. Our dog isn’t as mobile as she used to be.

Brynn still loves to get out and explore. So we found ways to get her out doing what she loves.

I bought a book detailing how to find a large number of waterfalls in the Adirondack region. I dog eared all the pages for waterfalls that would suit us on this trip.

We were able to see some pretty nice sights.

One really cool sight was Roaring Brook Falls. It is apparently 100 feet tall.

It was cool to see the top of the falls. Then look down the rock face and see the channel the water has carved in the surface.

The angle of view made it difficult to see the entire waterfall from top to bottom.

But I like this slice I photographed where you can see the outer edge and the channel carved by the water. And you can also see the inside edge of the channel because the surface is damp. In the middle there is the faintest hint of the water that surges down that shoot crashing to the ground below.

Roaring Brook Falls | Adirondacks | New York

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